Cotton Patch Gospel

A Lenten Community of Hope Presbyterian Church at Lake Nona


Ever wonder what Jesus’ teaching would have been like if He were born in the recent past — say, mid-20th century southern Georgia? If so, or if you’re willing to look at two of the Gospels through a different lens, please join our Lenten Virtual Community on the Cotton Patch Gospel.

The Cotton Patch Gospels and New Testament Letters were written by Clarence Jordan, a New Testament Ph.D. and farmer who, in the 1940s, launched a daring interracial community in rural Georgia. As a preacher, Jordan’s distinctive way of mapping parallels to contemporary culture predated efforts like The Message, adding a southern flair.

We’ll read the Cotton Patch Gospel of Matthew and John a few chapters a week, and then we’ll discuss what we’ve read in a variety of formats – responding here to no-pressure questions; meeting face-to-face for a couple optional, supplemental conversations; and possibly connecting from various locales via a Google Hangout. We’ll meet face-to-face on Maundy Thursday (3/24) to watch the hilarious and thought-provoking musical adaptation of the book and end the evening with communion.

Have a look at the schedule here:  Schedule for Cotton Patch

Be bold! Try something new. We believe you’ll find it worthwhile.

If you want to join us, click on the link for the weekly Post on the left hand side of the page, e.g., “Week Beginning Sunday, 2/7.” (On a mobile device, you may need to click on the menu in the upper right to find the weekly Posts.) That link will take you to the specific reading for that week, as well as a few questions to ponder as you read. At the bottom of the weekly Post, you’ll find a “Leave a Reply” box, which is where you can comment.

Everyone is welcome, so please join the discussion. No previous Bible experience is needed. Questions? Contact Nancy Graham Ogne ( or Dixie Gibbons ( for additional info.