Week Beginning Sunday, 3/13

John 1-4

  • Read John 1-4

Consider these questions as you read:

  1. In traditional translations, John’s Gospel begins with a majestic statement about Jesus and his mission (1.1-18). Did anything strike you differently as you read it in this version?
  2. Did anything stand out to you in the narratives about John the Baptizer (passages featuring him include 1.6, 15, 19-39; 3.22-30; and the very beginning of chapter 4)?
  3. Which of these familiar stories seemed to capture your attention more in this reading: Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus (3.1-21) or Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well (4.1-42)? Why do you think that is?
  • If you’re able, please respond with your thoughts by Saturday, 3/19, using the “Leave a Reply” box below. You may give your thoughts on the above questions or just thoughts of your own. What do you think?

One thought on “Week Beginning Sunday, 3/13”

  1. I have to admit I completed the book last week, but I am going back to read John again.
    This has been a totally different read. I’ve learned how Habitat for Humanity started and
    about a man and his family who stood up for what he believed and was brave and trusted God. Other things too.


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