Week Beginning Sunday 2/28

Matthew 15-21

  • Read Matthew 15-21

Consider these questions as you read:

  1. In the paragraphs of 16:5 and 17:14, do you think Jesus’ words to His disciples seem more harsh in this paraphrase? Or do you feel this is how other translations represent this exchange?
  2. Was there anything in the story of the rich young ruler in 19:16 that you found profound or touched you in a unique way?
  3. Did something touch in a particular way from this reading?

Respond with your thoughts by Saturday, 3/5, using the “Leave a Reply” box below. You may give your thoughts on the above questions or just thoughts of your own. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Week Beginning Sunday 2/28”

  1. Paragraph 16:5, Not sure of what Jesus was getting at when he said-“Now let me warn you to stay away from the yeast of the Protestants and Catholics.”

    Paragraph 17:14, Maybe Jesus wanted them to just have more faith.

    19:16, “Humanly speaking this is impossible, but with God anything can happen.” We forget that with God’s help nothing is impossible.

    “Love your neighbor as yourself”. That is what we all are called to do.


  2. Question 1. In 16.5ff, I love that he says, “stay away from the yeast of the Protestants and Catholics” — remembering that, in this era, Protestant and Catholic perspectives were MILES apart. Protestants (which would have been more common, I believe, in the South Georgia area where Clarence lived) were deeply suspicious of Catholics and vice versa. Typically, neither group considered the other Christian! So Clarence starts with his homies — the Protestants — and expands the circle to all religious Christ-followers. Seems to me this would be comparable to Jesus’ original usage.

    In 17.14ff, I like his use of “bankrupt, misguided people” and “baby faith.”

    None of these seems more harsh to me, necessarily, but they certainly feel more relate-able.

    Question 2. Like (19.16ff) the “fellow’s” practical statement that he asks, “Why am I still flunking?” I also made a margin note to compare Jesus’ emphasis on rules here with the man who asks him directly about HIS OWN conduct — vs. Jesus’ emphasis on mercy in John 8.1-11 when accusers want Jesus to correct SOMEONE ELSE’S conduct.

    Question 3. I felt especially struck by 21.12’s comparison with the money-changers. “Then Jesus went into First Church, pitched out the whole finance committee, tore up the investment and endowment records, and scrapped the long-range expansion plans. ‘My house shall be known for its commitment to God,’ he shouted, ‘but you have turned it into a religious racket!'” WOW!! This brings it straight home into just about every church in the United States. Just wow.


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