Week Beginning Sunday 2/14

Matthew 1-7

  • Read Matthew 1-7


Consider these questions as you read:

  1. What was your reaction to reading the story of Jesus’ birth in this different translation?
  2. Did anything strike you in the reading that you hadn’t noticed before?
  3. What did you think reading the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12)?

Respond with your thoughts by Saturday, 2/20, using the “Leave a Reply” box below. You may give your thoughts on the above questions or just thoughts of your own. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Week Beginning Sunday 2/14”

  1. On reading the story of Jesus birth I have to say it was a different translation one like I’ve never have read before. It’s way different, but different is okay.
    When reading the Beatitudes I wasn’t sure what to think that is why I am going back to read it again.


      1. What stands out? – Matthew 6:19
        “Put no value on earthly things, which worms and rust consume, and which thieves break
        into and steal. Rather, y’all set your hearts on spiritual values, which neither worms nor rust consume, and which thieves do not break into and steal. For your values and your character are wrapped up together.
        Our world is consumed with what we want and that is mainly because what the world throws at us constantly. Isn’t our values and character more important? Isn’t putting on
        the character of Jesus more important?

        Matthew 6:25
        This whole verse is so meaningful because God cares about us. God takes care of the birds and they don’t do anything. He gives them wings to fly and look at
        all that He has given them. The last line says it all – “Really now, aren’t you all more precious than birds? Besides, who of you by fretting and fuming, can make himself one inch taller”? God wants us to trust Him and that is where we need to put our trust. When we do that we will feel the peace that can only come from Him. Besides, He already knows what we are going through. Philippians 4:6 says it all too.

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  2. Because I grew up in the South, these passages reminded me of stories I grew up hearing from elders. It felt really familiar to me — in a way that I presume it won’t for many who read this. I loved Clarence’s simplifying Joseph, Son of David do Joe Davidson; Peter to Rock; etc. Also loved the comparison of going to Mexico (from Georgia) to going to Egypt (from Israel).

    Struck me differently: Appreciated having Satan called, “The Confuser.” Excellent!

    I liked the rendition of the Beatitudes. Was struck by the closing thought there (about v 12): “You all are God’s people when others call you names, and harass you and tell all kinds of false tales on you just because you follow me. Be cheerful and good-humored, because your spiritual advantage is great. For that’s the way they treated men of conscience in the past.” Having learned more about the Koinonia experiment, it seems this must have really resonated with Clarence!


  3. I’ll have to get back to you on what stands out to me on these two verses.

    Growing up a Catholic there was a great deal I didn’t learn about the bible. During my eight years of Catholic school we used missalettes. If I remember it only had the four gospels which
    is what the priest shared in his sermons. The missalette is what we used to follow the mass. We just listened to what the priest shared in his sermon and never questioned anything. I’m grateful for the journey that God has taken me on these last 15 years and all those who were/are a part of that journey to help me understand. Most of all their sharing.
    I didn’t start reading a bible until I was given my first one when I was in my 40’s.

    I have to agree with you on Satan being called “The Confuser” I’ve heard the thief and other
    names, but “The Confuser”. Yes. that he is.

    I’ve had to go back and reread the Beatitudes more than once. It’s just different. I watched
    the video/audio on the story of Koinonia. Clarence was brave and he didn’t fear because he
    knew God was watching over him. He did what Jesus did by loving all and what we all are called to do.

    I’m rereading “On God’s Side” and in the footnotes on page 47 – appears Cotton Patch Gospel.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Beatitudes. I’m still out to lunch on that.

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